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DKS Design FAQ's


How long will it take for you to complete the artwork?

Completion time depends on a number of factors, basically: 1) the size and complexity of the design, 2) how quickly you send necessary materials (text, liner notes, images, etc.) to DKS Design and 3) how quickly you respond and make corrections to proofs sent to you from DKS Design. Generally speaking, you should plan on about two to three weeks for the design phase (please note that this does not include the time it takes to manufacture your CDs).

Will you come up with the concept, or do I need to supply photos and ideas?

Some people come to me with very specific ideas about what they want, others have a few pictures, but no real ideas, and yet others want me to come up with everything. I can start a design from scratch or take what you have and go from there. Just remember, starting from scratch means my fee will be higher because the concept development phase takes longer.

If I want to make a change to my art during the design phase, do you charge extra for major changes?

It depends on what point we are at with the design. I strive to deliver your art at the price I quote you. The review of the first proof will usually iron out most of the major design issues. If you request significant changes to the design, I may need to charge extra. I will always inform you if I think any additional charges are necessary and let you know exactly how much they will be.

Why do you charge a 50% deposit?

The deposit assures me that you are serious about the project. The remaining 50% is due when I have completed the artwork to your satisfaction- which assures you that I am serious about your project, too.



Does DKS Design manufacture and print the artwork and CDs?

Although we do offer short-run CD-R duplication, we do not produce large quantities or offer glass-master CD manufacturing. Either you the client can make the decision about where to manufacture the CDs and handle the business arrangements with the CD manufacturer, or you may entrust me to handle it for you for a fee (see rates). Otherwise, I will simply send the art files to whomever you choose. I can also recommend several reputable CD manufacturing firms to you.

When should I decide on a CD manufacturer?

It's best to have the manufacturer chosen before design of the art starts. Different manufacturers have different art templates and specifications for printing, and I like to know what those are before I do any major design work. Additionally, if you changed manufacturers in the middle of the design phase, I would have to charge you for changing templates, and I don't want to do that.

How long does manufacturing take?

It depends on the manufacturer. You will need to ask that question when you contact the manufacturers. I have noticed, however, that three to four weeks seems fairly average.

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